About Us

Flavors of London – Best Ice Cream Brand in Delhi

Flavors of London – Best, the brainchild of Mr. Daroga Singh Rathore and his team was established in the year 2001 at Delhi. Over the years, we have delighted

Millions of our customers and are encouraged to keep delighting. We have the finest ice-cream unit and the team of taste buds who come up with new Flavors. From Matka Kulfi, to Till Kulfi and Cassata, you order, we have it for you.

The main vision of Flavors of London is to keep enriching the taste of our customers with new ingredients and flavours. This made the leading ice cream brand in India.

Special Recognition

We at Flavours of London are not only proud to serve varied rich flavours of ice creams but proud recipient of Great INDIAN ICE CREAM CONTEST SESSION-5, out of 250 major ice cream brands in India. Moreover, the brand won Gold and Silver award. We carry in-depth knowledge of ice-cream industry, and we will keep on offering something new to customers and will continue to do so.